Virtual Drive-It-Day 2020

You may remember this is what we used to do in the good old days.

Alan & Lorna's Austin has come out again for this special occasion.

Alan and Lorna having just landed after going over the hump back bridge at 60.

Lisa & Lee's Opal and George and Dawn's Vauxhall, George is thinking how he is going to cheat and win this event.

Ray's very smart MG TD, he unfortunately couldn't get his favourite car, the Bond Bug to start.

Geoff's Minor parked next to his tent.

Frank (Nigel Mansell) McGuire's new Austin 1100

Dave Smith's Corvette, it's broken down again, whenever I see it the bonnet (hood) is up.

Malcolm & Val's new Riley Kestral parked in front of their summer house.

Mick & Joan's Somerset, followed by John's Herald. The bike had benn trying to overtake for ages.

Alan and Brenda in their Seven, having just zoomed round the outside of the two Austin's and cut in. You can see the disbelief on Sally and Franco's faces.

Colin's big Austin York hurrying to get his coffee.

Jim and Dan in our Austin 12

Norma and Nigel's Pearl. Norma having got her lefts and rights correct for the first time.

Franco and Sally's Psky Pearl

Jim's Pearl enjoying the view from Ivanhoe Beacon

Andy and Gail's new Marcos.

David and Gill's Wolseley 1500, yes he still has the same car.

Roger & Jill's 1800 showing the special paint job.

Bob's Ruby, has he still got it?

Dave and Sue's Capri, the treasurer making a break with the clubs funds.

Malcolm Lee's Ruby

One of Mick Duffy's fleet of Jags

Gary's A35 Van being too shy to come out of the garage.

And here is your virtual roast to enjoy. It's completely non-fattening.

And a knickerbocker glory to finish the day.